Vietnam Airlines chnh th?c bay th?ng t? H N?i, TP.HCM ?i Anh qu?c
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H? tr? ??t v tr?c tuy?n

Hotline: 0933.111.333

H? tr? ??t v trong n??c
H? tr? ??t v qu?c t?

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Hng hng khng Qu?c gia Vi?t Nam (Vietnam Airlines) s? chnh th?c khai thc ???ng bay th?ng gi?a H N?i, TP.HCM ?i V??ng qu?c Anh t? ngy 8/12 t?i ?y v?i gi v kh? h?i ???c ?u ?i trong giai ?o?n khai tr??ng l g?n 21 tri?u ??ng.
Vietnam Airlines bay th?ng t? H Ni, TP.HCM ?i Anh
V?i ???ng bay th?ng ny, Vietnam Airlines s? khai thc 4 chuy?n/tu?n vo cc ngy th? 2, th? 3, th? 5 v th? 6 b?ng my bay Boeing 777.

Cc chuy?n bay xu?t pht t? H N?i v TP.HCM lc 23g30, t? Lun ?n lc 12g20 (gi? ??a ph??ng) v?i th?i gian bay kho?ng 12 gi?, rt ng?n cho khch hng kho?ng 7h bay so v?i hnh trnh bay c 1 ?i?m d?ng.

ng Tr?nh H?ng Quang - Ph T?ng Gim ??c Vietnam Airlines cho bi?t: Vi?c m? ???ng bay th?ng gi?a Vi?t Nam - V??ng qu?c Anh s? gip Vietnam Airlines hon thi?n h?n n?a s?n ph?m t?i Chu u, ?p ?ng nhu c?u ?i l?i, thc ??y h?p tc ??u t?, th??ng m?i, giao l?u v?n ha gi?a Vi?t Nam v?i V??ng qu?c Anh ni ring v Chu u ni chung; gp ph?n nng cao kh? n?ng c?nh tranh, hi?n th?c ha chi?n l??c pht tri?n Vietnam Airlines tr? thnh hng hng khng l?n trong khu v?c.

???c bi?t, ?y l ???ng bay th?ng tr?c ti?p th? 8 t? Vi?t Nam do Vietnam Airlines khai thc t?i 4 n??c ? Chu u (bn c?nh Pa-ri, Phr?ng-phu?c, Mtx-c?-va) nng t?ng s? chuy?n bay th?ng hng tu?n ln 29 chuy?n v m? r?ng m?ng bay qu?c t? c?a hng ln t?i 48 ???ng.

D? ki?n, Vietnam Airlines s? t?ng t?n su?t bay ??n V??ng qu?c Anh ln 7 chuy?n/tu?n t? 2 ??u H N?i v TP.HCM vo n?m 2015.

Qu?nh Anh



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  • Tr? s?: 69 Tr??ng Ph??c Phan, Ph??ng Bnh Tr? ?ng, Qu?n Bnh Tn, Tp. HCM
  • ?i?n tho?i: 08 62604675 - 0933.111.333
  • Fax: 08 62604675
  • Email:
  • Website: